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                  2. 江蘇智超新材料科技有限公司


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                    Edible medical packaging

                    • 2019-10-30
                    • 549

                    Paper plastic aluminum composite packaging is a packaging system based on special food cardboard, which is composed of polyethylene, paper and aluminum foil. It is a kind of high-tech food preservation method. It refers to a kind of packaging technology that the packaged liquid food is sterilized for a short time before packaging, and then filled and sealed in a sterile environment under the sterile condition, that is, the package, the package auxiliary equipment are all sterile. As a newly developed packaging material, paper plastic aluminum composite packaging material is the product of the combination of material science and technology, and a significant sign of the improvement of packaging level. Various types of packaging containers based on paper plastic aluminum are developed, and the application research of paper plastic aluminum series packaging materials is gradually formed. The so-called paper plastic aluminum packaging is the application of paper plastic aluminum composite packaging materials, so that food can ensure safety, fresh, less affected by environmental microorganisms.

                    Application characteristics of paper plastic aluminum in packaging field

                    As a new composite packaging material, paper plastic aluminum packaging material is modified, modified and compounded by adding nano aluminum foil into the original paper or plastic packaging material, so as to give the new material specific physical and chemical properties, and show the use characteristics different from the common paper and plastic packaging materials, The most important characteristics of paper plastic aluminum packaging materials are: special antibacterial properties, mechanical properties, moderate hardness, easy to operate, etc. The antibacterial property of paper plastic aluminum material has become the most important application factor in packaging.

                    Paper plastic aluminum composite materials can effectively inhibit the growth and propagation of microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi, yeast, etc.; various materials made of paper plastic aluminum composite materials are applied in the packaging industry, which can play a role in product packaging, but also effectively prevent the growth and propagation of microorganisms.